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Fin Fan Heat Exchangers (3 Fans)

Oil & Gas Equipment

Fin Fan Heat Exchangers (3 Fans)

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Fin-Fan-Heater-Exchangers-3M13.2-60123-For-Sale L6707, L6708, L6709
Fin Fan Heat Exchangers (3 Fans)


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(3) Available

Model: 3M13.2-60123

(3) Fans Per Unit


304 Stainless Tube Bundle

Ladders and Walkways Included

Hail Screens

Design Pressure- 1527 PSI

Test Pressure- 2444 PSI

Inlet and Outlet Nozzle- 12” 900#RF

Design Temp-    -20/250F


Year 2017
Manufacturer Cooling Products Inc.
Model 3M13.2-60123
Dimensions 69’ long x 14’ wide x 13’ tall
Weight 80,000 lbs

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