Comparing a Used Hitec UPS With a Static UPS System

Comparing a Used Hitec UPS With a Static UPS System

January 15, 2015

As our society becomes more and more dependent on digital communication and the Internet, outages in cell phone service, network access, and electricity become less acceptable. Loss of power at a data center, for instance, means far more than inconvenience; it could put huge amounts of sensitive information at risk and compromise security systems in hundreds of other locations. Telecommunications companies connect victims of natural disasters and crimes with emergency response personnel, and a power failure at a telecom company could place those victims’ lives in even more danger.

A used Hitec UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system is up to the task of providing reliable backup power for these and other critical services. Here are a few reasons to choose a Hitec UPS system over its primary rival, the traditional static UPS system.


The typical static UPS system installation has quite a few additional components that work along with it. Batteries, a diesel generator, and other equipment must be connected to the system and housed in close proximity to it. A Hitec UPS system, on the other hand, has an “all-in-one” design.

Why is simplicity important? A major factor is efficient use of space. In a data center or other facility in which square footage cannot afford to be wasted, a more compact system is valuable. According to the Hitec Corporation’s estimates, a used Hitec system takes up as much as 60 percent less space than a static system.

More importantly, the fewer different components a system has, the less chance there is that they will fail to work together in an emergency backup situation. A compact, efficient, all-inclusive system is more likely to spring into action as expected when the power goes out.


Purchasing a used Hitec UPS system carries immediate savings. However, as the years go by, your facility will continue to experience a lower total cost of ownership than that associated with a static UPS system. A primary factor in that lower cost is the fact that a Hitec UPS system does not require battery replacement every 3-5 years. With an estimated life of service lasting 25 years, the Hitec system saves its owner a significant amount of money in battery replacement. It also has a lower environmental impact due to less disposal of old batteries.

At LEL International, it is our pleasure to put data centers, telecom facilities, and other clients in connection with the used Hitec UPS systems that perfectly fit their uninterruptible power supply needs. If you would like to learn more about the differences between Hitec and static systems, or if you are in need of a used chillercompressor, or cooling tower system, please contact us to speak with an experienced, friendly representative today.

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