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$250,000 Saved. Used Power Generation Solutions

LEL Critical

LEL Critical was entrusted with providing generator power solutions to a long time client in the steel industry with a national footprint. This client was needing 1750 kW worth of standby power for part of their manufacturing process. The role this generator was needed for couldn’t be stressed enough, for 1-2 hours of down time would result in the client losing a minimum of $1,000,000+ in revenue. Due to COVID, the client was not able to view the generator in person, so LEL Critical performed a 12 hour load bank test with remote viewing for the client.

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Power Generation Solutions 1750 kw Standby Power (1)

The Challenge

The client was faced with a tough deadline and tight budget. They needed 1750 kW of standby power supplied by an industrial diesel generator. From start to finish they had roughly two months to source, ship and install the standby generator. The generator was needed to provide backup power to a critical step in the steel manufacturing process, where the client was at risk of losing in excess of $1,000,000 in revenue within 1-2 hours of downtime.

Due to COVID, and travel restrictions, the client was unable to view the generator in person. LEL Critical setup a remote viewing option where, at any moment, the client could view the 12 hour load bank test.

Power Generation Solutions 1750 kw Standby Power (2)

The Solution

Given the tough deadline and tight budget, LEL Critical recommended a 1750 kW CAT diesel generator that was already in inventory. This dramatically reduced both the delivery timeline and budget.

LEL Critical - 1750 kw Standby Power Generator Solution

The Results

The client purchased a 1750 KW CAT generator, saving close to $250,000, or 60% compared to the cost a new generator. LEL Critical handled the rigging and shipping to the clients facility. This option, and turnaround time, resulted in the client coming in under budget and ahead of schedule.



Saved by purchasing used compared to new



In total standby power supplied

COVID Challenge

12 Hour

Load bank test setup with remote viewing

Blake McClimon

President of Industrial Cooling, LEL Critical

We've enjoyed working with this client in the past and value to the relationship with have with them. We were excited to be given the opportunity to work another one of their plants for the first time. While this project did bring some challenges, we embraced and overcame them. We strive to leave every situation better than we found it, and we look forward to delivering on that promise again with future opportunities.

$250,000 Saved. Used Power Generation Solutions