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We are LEL.

People are at the heart of every project, and at LEL, we focus on building relationships over closing transactions. Our personalized service and support have ensured client success, establishing our reputation for not only quality but satisfaction.

We are your partner in facility decommissioning and equipment resale and refurbishment. Where others may see hassle, we see potential. Giving new life to equipment that has outlasted its life cycle and spaces through our one-stop solution management team.

Two collaborative divisions:

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LEL Critical is your trusted source for buying and selling used critical equipment. We have extensive experience working within industries such as healthcare, energy, commercial real estate, technology, agriculture, and more to help property managers and business owners alike maximize their budgets and feel confident that their needs and equipment are handled with care.

LEL Critical
LEL Decom
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LEL Decom is one of the nation’s leading providers of surgical decommissioning for data centers that have outlasted their lifecycle. Our eco-friendly initiatives are supported with a full chain of custody for all removed materials ensuring proper disposal per local and federal EPA guidelines, while helping you maximize your infrastructure investment return. We’ve worked with data center professionals and commercial property owners throughout the country to help restore their spaces back to pre-lease conditions safely, efficiently, and with minimal risk. If you’re facing challenges, we can solve them.

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